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Does Data bring visibility or invisibility :

GovHack 2015 WHANGANUI

?Idea one or idea two

Put them together and we have plan B

Data Journalism is born!

BUT can we find data to identify the population which will never have their communication needs met by independently using the internet/emails?

Woooo !!!!!! talk about slip over in the mud!!! We are in trouble from the start……..

Access to the internet? Sure, everyone has access to the internet, outside your house or at the library. Oh dear, we aren't talking about ACCESS!!!!!!!

Connected to the internet? Sure, connectivity is increasing and is **% and growing. Oh dear, we aren't talking about CONNECTIVITY!!!!!!!!

This is a question of a person's skills to independently use an email account. SO, when you are ready to talk about those who won't be getting to that independent level, THEN we can have a talk about the people everywhere who are the assist/support people who live and work providing communication for this *% of the population.

We need improved data-collection to be able to assess the size of the group.

The assist/support people shoulder responsibilities which may be hidden when they first negotiate the role, and issues of safety and security of information are involved. Family members, volunteers, rest home staff, are some of these risk takers.


By River View House for Team Email Doppleganger

5 July 2015 at Awa City Computer Clubhouse, Whanganui